We grow agave from seeds. We have been collecting seeds from different types of agaves in order to preserve genetic biodiversity and keep growing sustainably. For the  last 5 years, we have planted more agave than what we have harvested from the wild. 


Harvest of Agaves

We harvest only mature agaves, depending on the type it can take from ten and upwards of twenty years to reach maturity. We select the agaves that will be used to make mezcal one by one, leaving behind the ones that we will let flower and that will eventually give us seeds to plant.

Loading up the oven and cooking the Agave.

In this part of the process, we load the underground oven with wood and river rocks. Once the rocks get incandescent, we quickly load the oven with the agave and cover it with banana leaves and agave leaves and finally with dirt. It is left there inside the oven so that the trapped heat cooks the agave for several days.


Milling Agave.

Once the agave is cooked it is then milled by an egyptian mill, a heavy stone wheel is pulled by a horse and the weight of the stone presses and extracts the pulp of the agave.

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The milled agave is placed in wood vats where it is mixed with spring water to be fermented for few days with natural yeasts.



Once ready, the fermentation is placed into our copper alembics. We will distill twice in order to obtain an exceptional mezcal.



The final product is bottled by local women from our village, they help us with the labels as well. Once labelled, the bottles are boxed and sent to Oaxaca where they will be dispatched to the world. All of the years that the agaves spent maturing in the fields combined with the immense amount of hard work and energy invested into the elaboration of Mezcal Tosba culminates here for your enjoyment of this unique distillate.


Mezcal Tosba

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