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is a tale of hard work, perseverance,

and entrepreneurship in the making.


First generation of mezcaleros and family owned mezcal brand. In the year 2000 we migrated to Silicon Valley, California with many dreams. We dreamt of making mezcal as people from our region  in  the mountains of Oaxaca used to, so we started growing agave from seeds. Mezcal Tosba.


Our process begins with Nursery and then the harvesting of Agaves begins. We then begin loading up the oven and cooking the agave. With cooked Agave we then begin Milling Agave and setting them to be fermented for a few days with natural yeast. Once fermentation is done, we distill twice to obtain exceptional mezcal. Our Mezcal is then bottled for you to enjoy!

Explore our bottles

Made with ten year old Agave angustifolia plants, Tosba Espadin has a light nose with a smooth long lasting citrus and fruitiness on the tongue. There is a subtle flavor of smoke that is a result of the wood fired roasting of the agave hearts. The flavor of Espadin transports you to a tropical environment.

It is perfect to enjoy neat, though it also makes a great cocktail



Tosba Mexcal is reverting back to older traditional methods of producing. Methods that help not only enhancing the taste but creating a greater impact on the communities 

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Get an in-depth look into who we are and what we are here to do!

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Follow our Journey

Tosba Mezcal is changing the way people drink with a product that is both delicious and sustainable to the communities back home in Mexico. Follow us to see how we are changing the face of Mezcal


Please reach out for any questions, visits, points of sale. Thanks.

Domicilio Conocido, 68830 San Cristobal Lachrioag, Oax., Mexico


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